Oxford Library

About Oxford Library

In 1939, Oxford was mired in the Great Depression, the high school had closed, and travel to Easton was not an everyday event. Margaret Parsons Hanks believed that there should be books easily available year-round for students and adults alike. She learned that W.P.A. funds could be secured for a local library; with wide support within the community, the Oxford Library was born.

Initially a part of the Talbot County library, the Oxford branch moved a number of times until the current building was constructed in 1951. In the mid-1970’s, the Oxford branch separated from the Talbot Library and became the independent, all-volunteer Oxford Library Inc. which is free to those who live or work in the Oxford area. Funding is by donations and sales of donated books. Sales are held on Oxford Day (softcover books only) and the last Saturday in September (every kind of book).

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