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The American Society of Marine Artists 17th National Exhibition at the Academy Art Museum and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

December 10, 2016 - April 2, 2017

The Academy Art Museum is proud to co-host the 17th National Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA), with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Since the 1970s, ASMA has worked to prepare exhibitions on America’s maritime heritage, with the professional artists and illustrators, and to further promote American marine art and history.  America has a long history as a seafaring nation.

Whether our last affair with the sea was a stroll on a sandy beach or an offshore sail, we all share a special fascination for the sea and ships. Of course, the special world of marine art is not limited to “a painted ship upon a painted ocean.” The exhibition travels from Williamsburg, VA, to Easton and St. Michaels, and continues various other museums in the US. Curators Anke Van Wagenberg (AAM) and Pete Lesher (CBMM) have worked closely to get the best selections in their respective museums.

Stories of the Chesapeake