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An Evening with America

December 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

The Avalon Foundation and Chesapeake College-Todd Performing Arts Center join forces to bring ” An Evening with America” —- a spectacular event that has been created as part of the Avalon  at Chesapeake College programming series.

This year marks the 48th anniversary of perennial classic-rock favorite, America.

Over the years, their best-known tunes have grown from cornerstones of ‘70s Top 40 and FM radio rock (“Sister Golden Hair”, “Ventura Highway”, “Tin Man”, “Lonely People”) to enduring classics that are deeply woven into the fabric of today’s pop culture (such as “A Horse With No Name’s” appearance on the hit TV series Breaking Bad).

Yet beyond America’s impressive catalog of hits, listeners would discover there was always much more to them than surface perceptions. The combination of Gerry Beckley’s melodic pop rock and Dewey Bunnell’s use of folk-jazz elements, slinky Latin-leaning rhythms, and impressionistic lyric imagery contrasted well with Dan Peek’s more traditional country-rock leanings and highly personal lyrics.

Forty plus years later since they met in high school, Beckley and Bunnell are still making music together, touring the world and thrilling audiences with their timeless sound.


Tickets:  $125 Front Row VIP with Meet & Greet
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