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Art for thought Ruth Starr Rose (1887-1965)

April 23, 2016 - July 10, 2016

In the Museum’s “Art for Thought” program, we show a Curator’s selection from the Museum’s Permanent Collection, designed to spark reflection. The artwork helps visitors focus on a particular artist, genre, decade, artistic movement, or other aspect of a work of art.

Visitors of all ages are encouraged to jot down their thoughts in a notebook. This program is designed to focus on one artwork or a group of works.

Very often we dash around museums and galleries trying to take everything in; when in-fact we may get more out of a museum visit by just concentrating on a few works of art at a time. Extended reflection allows visitors to slow down and really see the object(s) in front of them, wonder about the artist, materials used, the time period in which the artwork was created, etc.

Visitors may not look at everything on display, but instead will study one piece closely. A single piece of art can hold many stories! This time, the focus is on prints from the Museum’s Permanent Collection by Ruth Starr Rose (1887-1965).

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