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Cris Jacobs

March 13, 2020 @ 8:00 pm


Cris Jacobs, the principal songwriter and frontman of Baltimore’s beloved jam band The Bridge, enchants listeners with his inspired, poignant songwriting, virtuoso guitar playing, and soulfully transcendent voice.

Now as a rising solo act, Jacobs has released his second solo album, “Color Where You Are,” a Tom Petty-inspired arrangement with an off-kilter, syncopated groove.

Spanning rock, folk, soul, and funk, and drawing from inspiration that runs the gamut from the henhouse to the White House, “Color Where You Are” is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Cris Jacobs as a songwriter, musician and bandleader. It’s the work of a devoted father and an empathetic member of the human race.

More than that, it’s a reminder that there’s beauty to be found everywhere, if you just take a moment to color where you are.


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