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Josh Field

October 17, 2017 @ 8:00 pm


Josh Field grew up in Katy, Texas (a suburb of Houston) in a time when Country and Western were still synonymous and the classic rock station still played the classics. Along with the new wave style of pop music, these brands were heavily influential on him at an early age. By this time the “Western” had steadily crept out of radio country and the big thing at the time (in Texas at least) was the re-emergence of Texas Country.

Josh immediately identified and fell in love with these Texas troubadours before going on to incorporate the influences of The Black Crowes, Bob Dylan, The Stones, Bob Marley, The Band, and Todd Snider, to name a few.

About three years ago Josh formed his current band, Brother Nothing, and they have been playing their brand of Country Soul Rock & Roll ever since.

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