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Session Americana (Late Show)

November 12, 2016 @ 9:30 pm


The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting cool and crisp, and the nights are growing longer…

This can only mean, of course, that Session Americana is back in town to rock Waterfowl Weekend with back-to-back shows in the Stoltz!

This Boston-based band/collective of talented musicians craft an musical experience that is unlike any other band around. Their shows are more like hanging out in someone’s living room with a group of friends who just happen to be incredibly talented musicians/singer-songwriters.

Banter is exchanged among band members and with the audience, while a variety of instruments gets passed around among the band in this freewheeling, modern version of an honest-to-goodness hootenanny.

Just a bit of friendly advice: the band’s quality musical craftsmanship combined with the anything-could-happen feel of a Session show is why they consistently sell out whenever they come to town…so you should get your tickets ASAP while they last!

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