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Waterfowl Festival 50th Anniversary Special Decoy Collection

April 9, 2021

The Waterfowl Festival is offering a unique Waterfowl Festival 50th Anniversary Collection of decoys to view and auction virtually starting, April 9.  In support of the Waterfowl Festival’s 50th year,  its longtime partner and nationally-known auction firm, Guyette & Deeter, was chosen to manage this event to support WF 50!

The decoy collection, was graciously donated by the Honorable Nicholas F. Brady, former United States Secretary of the Treasury, in 2012,  and includes a variety of species of ducks, geese, swan, several full rigs and some songbirds by carvers such as Ira Hudson, Roe Terry, R. Madison Mitchell, James T. & John “Daddy” Holly and many others. Each decoy purchase will come with a custom ribbon to mark your support for our golden anniversary!

This generous donation of the exclusive decoy collection and its auction will support the waterfowl conservation projects, wildlife art and sporting heritage. It will also help bring the best possible Waterfowl Festival weekend, November 12-14, 2021!

To view the collection go to Decoysforsale.com beginning April 9, 2021To preview and pre-register click here


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