Banning’s Tavern in downtown Easton, Maryland is known for its diverse tavern-style menu serving steaks, seafood, and pasta dishes. But their fried oysters are the life of the party! So it is with great fanfare that we say thank you to Banning’s for graciously giving us their recipe just for you.

Banning’s Tavern in downtown Easton, Maryland



Combine dry ingredients and sift twice to insure equal distribution. Dredge shucked oysters in dry ingredients and shake off excess. Heat oil to 325 degrees in a cast iron skillet or other heavy bottomed frying pan. Place oysters in oil and fry to golden brown, turning once. Serve hot.

Cook’s Notes: Procure the best oil you can afford. The quality of the oil will directly affect the quality of the finished product. The secret to successful frying is to preheat the oil to the proper temperature using a thermometer, fry in small batches, and let the oil recover to the proper temperature between batches. Let the oysters be while they are cooking, let them cook on one side, then turn to finish.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Stephen Mangasarian, Banning’s Tavern in Easton, Maryland