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Pie AND ice cream at Bonheur

Bonheur Pie & Ice Cream                             
5-B Goldsborough St., Easton | 410-464-7879  

Bonheur is French for happiness, and everybody knows ice cream is happiness in any language. This creamery and pastry shop keeps the smiles on faces by offering an ever-changing array of flavors as each is made on-site daily in small batches.  Head pastry chef Glenn May starts with an egg custard base, a rich and full-bodied medium for elevating the flavorful ingredients for tasty batches such as Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream and Vanilla Passionfruit.  Add your scoop to one of their baked in-house pies!         

Fresh, homemade cupcakes served with Kilby Cream Ice Cream

JoJo’s Cupcakes & Cream
101 S. Talbot St, St. Michaels. | 410-745-5080  

Kilby Cream Ice Cream is a Maryland mainstay and chosen by JoJo’s because it’s made using hormone- and antibiotic-free milk. Top a cone with one, two, or more of the 32 flavors on offer such as Minty Moo, Udderly Chocolate, or Maryland Madness.  Or add a scoop to one of JoJo’s homemade cupcakes! Each batch of cupcakes is made from scratch daily. Flavors change constantly and come in varieties such as Key Lime, French Toast, and Red Velvet.        

Try one, try them all! The famous Wall of Shakes at Justine’s

Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour
106 N. Talbot St., St. Michaels | 410-745-0404 

Justine’s is like stepping back in time to the old-fashioned ice cream parlor complete with ice cream sodas topped with whipped cream and a cherry, New York egg creams, and ice cream sundaes. Try out their fun flavors such as Frozen Hot Chocolate, Egg Nog, or Cotton Candy.  To up your game, Justine’s is home to the famous Wall of Shakes with more than 40 original recipes of milk shakes from which to choose such as Creamy Lemon – vanilla and lemon ice creams, blended with graham crackers, topped with whipped cream, and a dusting of more graham crackers!

Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth at Skipjack’s in St. Michaels

Skipjack’s St. Michaels
111 S. Talbot St., St. Michaels | 410-745-8020    

Not sure how to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth? Step on over to Skipjack’s in St. Michaels. The selection of decadent desserts including baked goods, real Italian gelato, specialty coffee drinks, and estate teas gives everyone in your party something to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with a multi-layered Smith Island Cake, Cinnamon Vanilla gelato, and/or a Waffleshot Espresso – a chocolate dipped waffle cone with a shot of espresso! 

Ice Cream shops in Talbot County, Maryland
Handmade, small batch ice cream at Scottish Highland Creamery

Scottish Highland Creamery
314 Tilghman St., Oxford | 410-924-6298

Victor Barlow, the founder of the Scottish Highland Creamery, learned his craft back in his homeland of Scotland where he grew up living above an Italian ice cream parlor. Later, he became the manager of that same store, learning the secret recipe and eventually opening his own creamery in Oxford, Maryland. Though it has new owners, the Scottish Highland Creamery is now a Talbot County institution, making small-batch ice cream one gallon at a time. Check their Facebook page for daily flavors such as Sweetened Cranberry, English Tea Biscuit, and Birthday Cake!  

Don’t miss Waffle Wednesdae at Storm & Daughters Ice Cream!

Storm & Daughters Ice Cream
32 E. Dover St., Easton | 443-746-0058 

Sveinn Storm knows a few things about ice cream, being the son of the owner of Storm Bros. Ice Cream in Annapolis.  His own shop, Storm & Daughters Ice Cream, is small but packed with the famous 48 flavors of Hershey’s ice cream that you can have on a cone, in a float, on a sundae, with sprinkles, and so much more. Visit during the middle of the week for Waffle Wednesdaes that takes the breakfast staple to a whole new level! 


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