Road Trip: A Fall Tour of Talbot County

Writer Stephanie Kalinga-Metzger was ready for a long-overdue weekend getaway to Talbot County, which she recently documented in this story for a local USA Today affiliate. What she discovered during the three-day trip that took her to Easton, Oxford and St. Michaels is that even though summer might be peak tourism season in Talbot County, fall might be the best time for a trip. “Fall is a fantastic time to visit the picturesque area and with tolerable temperatures and minimal crowds,” she writes.

Hooper Strait Lighthouse in fall at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in Talbot County, Maryland.

St. Michaels, she says, “is especially lovely this time of the year as the fall foliage unfolds in all its splendid glory and early risers can observe watermen unloading their catch.” Talbot County is also known for its historic architecture and well-preserved buildings—many of which received mentions in her story including the Hooper Strait Lighthouse (1879), Robert Morris Inn (1710) and Avalon Theater (1921).

Downtown Easton during the annual Waterfowl Festival in Talbot County, Maryland.

Kalinga-Metzger describes the unique charms the three towns have to offer. “Easton will appeal to art lovers,” she writes, while mentioning the town’s blend of art galleries and performing arts center. Oxford is the type of place to get a more intimate local feel and tourists can get their sweets fix at Scottish Highland Creamery, where more than 600 flavors are available. St. Michaels is the place to dine on delicious seafood while admiring the view of the harbor.

Talbot County takes pride in its fall activities mentioned like biking along the harbor, hopping on a ferry boat, kayaking, and going on a historic walking tour. The writer could easily walk to boutique shops, restaurants and museums from her hotel. She ends the piece with a fantastic declaration about the destination: “Talbot County offers so much more that I’ve described here.”

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