Small Town Venue with Big City Talent

The Avalon’s Stoltz Listening Room
You can see a performance nearly every weekend of the year at The Stoltz Listening Room, an intimate cabaret-style performance lounge on the second story of the Avalon Theatre in downtown Easton. Reminiscent in vibe and style to the best small clubs down in Greenwich Village, New York, this 60-seat space is where people who love music come together to share their passion.

This welcoming, unpretentious space hosts extraordinary acts, which span a wide range of genres from jazz to folk, rock to blues, classical to country, and beyond. Thanks to strategically installed, engineered acoustic panels, the space is designed with maximum sound quality in mind. You won’t hear tinny notes or echoes, just smooth, intimate music.

At the Stoltz Listening Room, you may recognize the names and faces of the artists, or you may be introduced to a new sound. What you can be sure of is the quality of the music. Most performers are full-time working musicians who make their living touring the country (and sometimes the world) and writing and recording for themselves or with other famous musicians. They didn’t score gigs at premier venues like Austin City Limits without dedication to their craft, so when you come to a show at the Stoltz you know you’re getting A-game concerts.

Perhaps best of all, for true music fans, there’s nothing like getting a chance to mingle with the musicians. Between sets and after the shows, performers may hang out in this laid-back space, giving the audience a chance to talk to them about everything from their most important creative inspirations to practical thoughts on where to buy a starter mandolin. At the Stoltz Listening Room you come for the music and leave with an experience.

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