What’s New in Talbot County, Maryland: Part Two – Adventures, Sites & Events

TourTalbot.org continues its look at entrepreneurs who braved the coronavirus pandemic and opened a new venture in Talbot County.  See New Restaurants

As if to say “we will endure and overcome,” Talbot County entrepreneurs and cultural organizations added new adventures, sites to visit, and events to an already robust list of things to do in spite of the pandemic.  Open your calendar and make a date to visit one, or all, of these intrepid business ventures.  

Artist Michael Rosato and Tilghman Area Youth Association founder, Ginny Cornwell, at the Tilghman Packing Company Mural

Historic Tilghman Packing Company Mural
6127 Tilghman Island Rd., Tilghman Island (for navigation purposes)

Public art plays a big role in contributing to a community’s feeling of pride of place, drawing in art seekers to new places, and ultimately adding to the overall economy of that place as people then stay to eat, visit an attraction, or find a place to stay overnight. This was the impetus for the new mural on Tilghman Island that was unveiled on May 7, 2021. The mural was painted by nationally renowned and award-winning artist Michael Rosato and depicts a representation of the Tilghman Packing Company, once the largest employer on the Island. To view the mural, take the 20-minute drive from St. Michaels to Tilghman Island and over the Knapps Narrows Bridge. , Just over the bridge, look to your left. Park and get out to see the mural then visit one of the Island’s restaurants for a bite!

The mural was partially funded by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, Stories of the Chesapeake, and many generous donors.

Take a walking tour of the beautiful town of Oxford

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Oxford, Maryland
The Oxford Museum101 S. Morris Street, Oxford | 410–226-0191

Like all of Talbot County’s towns and villages, Oxford has its own character and charm. The Victorian era houses, park benches at each inlet, and small beach make it a quiet place to relax and take in the views of the Tred Avon River. To dig a little deeper into this picturesque place, The Oxford Museum has created a Walking Tour of Oxford pointing out the homes, people, and points of interest of note. Follow the guide to find the location of the old Maryland Military Academy, the former post office where Miss Molly Stewart presided starting in 1877, and the Odd Fellows Hall that served as the center of African American life in the early part of the 20th century. All of these buildings are now private homes or shops. 

Tanglao Carriage Rides through historic downtown Easton

Easton Carriage Tours
105 Brewers Lane, Easton | 540-460-2455

Jessica Buchanan Tanglao began her carriage tour career working for the Lexington Carriage Company in Lexington, Va., for more than 10 years, learning to drive singles and pairs (horses) for commercial use.  She purchased her first carriage from her employer in 2012, and it is part of her fleet today at Easton Carriage Tours. She opened her Carriage tour business in May 2021 to take people back to a forgotten pace of clopping horse hooves on city streets.  Take a ride through the streets of Easton as the guides point out historic structures and regale you with tales of the people and events that help build present-day Easton. Furry friends are welcome on the carriage.

Stoltz Pavilion in downtown Easton, Maryland
The Avalon Foundation’s Stoltz Pavilion is downtown Easton’s premier outdoor venue

The Avalon Foundation’s Stoltz Pavilion
218 N. Washington Street, Easton | 410-822-0345

A new performance venue has come to Easton! The Avalon Foundation, an arts and cultural organization that owns and operates the 100-year-old historic theater in downtown Easton, built the Stoltz Pavilion to provide outdoor music and performance events to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state-of-the-art tent structure can hold up to 200 people and provides socially distanced “pod” seating for up to four people, plus QR codes for ordering beverages and snacks, safely bringing nightlife back to downtown Easton.  Developing this covered outdoor venue has been a game changer during this challenging time, supporting performers who were forced out of work and local businesses, especially restaurants, as patrons visit before heading to the show. The venue has been so successful the Avalon Foundation is continuing the venue indefinitely.  Check for the next performance HERE.   

Click the image to take the virtual tour, but you’ll want to see the museum in person!

Water’s Edge Museum
101 Mill St, Oxford | Phone: 917-282-7102

The Water’s Edge Museum opened virtually in February 2021 and is now welcoming in-person visitors.  Housed in the town of Oxford, the museum tells the important story of Maryland’s founding African American families whose enslaved labor “fueled the engine that would become the new democracy.” The descendants of many of these families would become such notable Black figures as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Ross Tubman.

The Water’s Edge Museum tells these stories through programs, music, and exhibitions, including a portrait collection featuring the lives of Black farmers, musicians, watermen, crab pickers, and others. The museum’s aim is to help today’s young people find their place in history and identify their own positive and unique voices when facing contemporary issues and challenges. 

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